To demonstrate the potential use of cloud-based building control and online grid protection, a portable demonstrator was built on a model basis. It consists of two parts:

  • Building control 
  • Grid protection for low voltage grid

Watch the introduction video here.

Data Flow

The below image shows the data flow chart for the visualization of the information linkage with marking of the human interaction points.

Light Control

The demonstrator is equipped with a LED based sun simulation (short: lightning) which represents the weather cycle of the day. While for the use case RVPP energy prices are assumed, which are slightly dependent from available power infeed (and therefore dependent on amount of light), for the use case grid protection the amount of feedin current by the PV simulator is directly dependent of the controlled lighnting.

In cooperation with the IEEH a circuit-board was developed to gather information from the rotary control. This information is combined with the lightning setpoint coming from the Com-Box (cloud) and is sent to the PV-Simulator (setpoint for current source) as well as is mirrored to the cloud. 

For any further information on the wirings of the PCB look at the schematics here.

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